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NDDA-W55 CSE Software: How to Update and Troubleshoot Your Toyota Navigation System

the secretary of defense shall develop, establish, and support a cybersecurity center of excellence to provide department leadership on cybersecurity matters that will foster and facilitate the rapid development, deployment, and adoption of future-generation information systems and software.

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the secretary may invite responsible industry, including software-as-a-service providers, to provide proposals to implement a pilot program and conduct a demonstration or proof of concept for the use of consumption-based solutions in connection with software-intensive warfighting capability. in carrying out this demonstration or proof of concept, the secretary shall request that the software engineering institute conduct independent assessments of the viability of consumption-based solutions to software-intensive warfighting capability.

the conferees direct the secretary to request the software engineering institute to: (1) conduct a review of current state-of-the-art in the field of software-intensive warfighting capability, including the use of consumption-based solutions, to evaluate the potential and viability of the different development options; (2) recommend to the secretary potential solutions to the development and acquisition of software-intensive warfighting capability and to potential remedial actions necessary to realize some of the potential solutions; and (3) recommend to the secretary remedial actions necessary to realize the potential solutions outlined in the next item.

the conferees direct the secretary to request the software engineering institute to identify and recommend options for the development and acquisition of software-intensive warfighting capability. this request shall include a description of the program's mission and objectives and an explanation of the implications for software acquisition. the institute shall include in its report any recommendations on the best development methods, as well as acquisition processes and standards that would enable a rapid acquisition of software-intensive capability. the institute's report shall be made available to the congress.


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