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Ex Military Vehicles Buy

If you are looking for a rugged, durable vehicle, a military truck could be the answer. Used military vehicles for sale come in a variety of sizes and conditions, making them perfect for hauling heavy loads or even everyday transportation. Follow this guide when making a selection of new or used military vehicles for sale on eBay to find one that suits your preferences.

ex military vehicles buy

The armed forces carefully maintains all their vehicles to ensure their units are ready for action at all times. When looking at military vehicles for sale, you'll find many that are in great condition with many miles of practical use still left in them. Some private owners will even go a step further by having their vehicles reconditioned. This is very common among vintage vehicles that are often carefully restored and kept in heated barns or garages.

You can purchase used military vehicles for sale if they have been demilitarized first. This involves removing military-specific weaponry or equipment that civilians should not have access to. This equipment is either donated or reused by the U.S. government. The military trucks for sale listed here have already been through the demilitarization process and are authorized for use by private citizens.

Several different military vehicles exist, and are designed to move troops and their gear under the harshest conditions. The same rugged vehicles the U.S. military depends on has many uses in the private sector as well. When searching for military vehicles for sale, a few of the most common ones you will find include:

At The Armored Group, we are a premier supplier of new and used armored vehicles for clients around the world. Our stock of used armored vehicles includes cars, trucks, sedans, vans, and SUVs for everyday use as personal protection vehicles as well as more specialized vehicles for cash-in-transit needs, militaries, and law enforcement agencies. However, our stock is also constantly being updated, so if you do not see something you like today, be sure to check back in with our used vehicle selection in the future or take advantage of our new stock of armored vehicles.

Armored vehicles afford a driver, their passengers, and their cargo numerous advantages, especially when traveling in crime-ridden or politically unstable areas. Features like bulletproof armor, bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, and more help keep their vehicle more secure and safer from outside threats. So whether you are simply traveling with your family in a sedan or transporting bullion in a cash-in-transit vehicle, you can have greater assurance that you, your passengers, and cargo will arrive safely with one of the vehicles from our selection of used armored cars.

Used armored vehicles from The Armored Group are optimal for numerous purposes around the world. They can be utilized by ordinary citizens as well as corporations and government entities. From this, there are few limitations that used armored vehicles face when it comes to their purposes and uses.

With used armored vehicles from The Armored Group, you, your company, your organization, your agency, or your government can have greater protection while in transit. This helps make you, your passengers, and your cargo safer from a variety of threats, including common thieves and more experienced criminals.

At The Armored Group, we have taken armored transportation seriously since our inception in the early 1990s. In the years since, we have continued to deliver high-quality armored cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and more. Our new and used armored vehicles receive rigorous testing and customization to help ensure that they are among the safest vehicles on the market. In fact, the steel and glass that we equip our vehicles with have been independently certified by ballistics laboratories, ensuring that it provides the bulletproofing our clients desire.

When it comes to new and used armored vehicles, The Armored Group is one of the best suppliers in the world. Our selection of used armored vehicles can fulfill a variety of applications and will ultimately help protect whatever you, your company, your organization, or your government is transporting. For more information or to receive a quote on one or more of our used armored cars, contact us today!

Specifically we specialise in the purchase and re-sale of ex Ministry and MOD surplus vehicles, ex army trucks, plant and equipment as released from service due to fleet upgrade, reduction of reserve stocks or through governmental cut backs.

Our customer base extends around the globe from mining and road construction in remote areas to humanitarian aid program support and even to the private individual seeking to purchase ex military vehicles for their own use.

California law prohibits the registration of any vehicle not originally intended by its manufacturer for use on public highways, This includes a wide range of vehicles, but typically includes vehicles made for foreign markets, vehicles made exclusively for off-highway use, or former tactical military vehicles sold as surplus by the United States or other foreign governments.

Because they are made to meet the unique needs of the armed forces, and harsh battlefield or disaster conditions, former military vehicles do not meet minimum environmental or safety standards required for use on public highways or for registration by civilians.

When these vehicle are sold for surplus, usually under the authority of the US Federal government, strict notice requirements are in place to ensure that purchasers do not represent hostile or unauthorized agents, and to ensure they are aware of the limited future use for such vehicles. Authorized sellers not following these requirements may be liable for refunds, especially for transactions taking place in California.

In some limited cases, very heavy-duty vehicles (rated 14,000 lbs gross or more), that are also fully compliant with on-highway safety standards, may be eligible for registration if the entire drivetrain is replaced. Depending on the intended use, this normally requires a fully documented new engine and transmission, certified to the most recent model year emissions standards. However we do not recommend any purchase based on this option due to the high costs and technical difficulty in the successful conversion to a modern, on-highway emissions controlledt drivetrain.

The California Air Resources Board is unable to provide any assistance in the documentation or registration of former military vehicles. We recommend you contact the vehicles manufacturer for further information or documentation of its compliance status.

Military vehicles are monstrous behemoths ready to tackle land and sea, helping soldiers across the globe protect their countries. Even though these vehicles aren't toys, they look like the coolest thing to drive. Lucky for all of us, there are many military vehicles we can own. We just need to do a little digging.

There are loads of military surplus vehicles, of which many are road-legal. As long as the vehicle doesn't have any armaments and rides on wheels, you can make it road legal. Of course, there are many parameters, but these are the main ones. Although most of us won't use them as daily drivers, it's fun to get one. At the end of the day, we never know when we will be hit by an apocalypse and a military vehicle will be our best chance to live longer. Here are used military vehicles you can actually buy.

The Jeep Staff Car is based on a 2016 Wrangler JK but modified to look like the military Willys MB, complete with classic Firestone NDT tires, flat fenders, no doors and a matte pint job. The car uses the stock instrument panel and drivetrain. Every other part has been modified.

The DUKW is a six-wheel-drive vehicle used by the US military during the Korean War. It also carried American soldiers during the WWII. These vehicles have a top speed of 50 mph on rough terrain. Tourist transport companies, rescue units and fire departments still actively use the DUKW. A plentiful amount is available for purchase.

The John Deere M-Gator A1 is a military utility vehicle made for casualty evacuation. It was first adopted back in 1997 and has been providing services ever since. The vehicle runs on an 854cc diesel engine and has a top speed of 20 mph. That's enough to haul the driver and a small crew.

The Volkswagen Iltis was German's answer to the Jeep, with over 8,000 units built between 1977 and 1981. In 1983, manufacturing moved to Canada, and more vehicles rolled out of Canadian production facilities until production stopped in 1986. Hundreds of these vehicles are available for purchase in different states of condition.

We have grouped information, forms and links together based on what your needs are, for example, requirements for new residents, the process for transferring your vehicle, determining inspection requirements, applying for military plates, etc.

We understand being in the military creates special situations when being relocated from one state to another, or from one country to another. Hopefully the tips and guidance we have gathered for you will help to eliminate some of your stress, or even make your relocation a breeze when it comes to your vehicle.

If you are a Texas resident and have not previously paid a Texas sales tax on the vehicle, you will pay either a 6.25% sales tax or the difference between the full amount of taxes less any taxes previously paid to another state. For used vehicles the value of the vehicle will be determined at the county and is based on the Standard Presumptive Value (SPV) of the vehicle. A SPV calculator is available on our home page for your reference. Information can be obtained by calling (800) 252-1382 or by visiting

If you order new military plates with a new design or an ISA to replace your existing military plates, a new plate number will be assigned. Disabled Veteran plate numbers will not change if an emblem or an ISA is added. When you receive your new plates, please surrender the old ones to your county tax assessor-collector so they may be destroyed or recycled. 041b061a72


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