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Deepcolour (John D Remix)

Shade's creative ambitions extend well past mere genre-splicing and remixes, as evidenced by his Code Orange T-shirt designs that harken to the sci-fi anime of The Animatrix, and his behind-the-camera work co-directing their surreal video for "The Mud." He also finds serious inspiration in films, and how emotional tension is created between the visual and musical elements.

Deepcolour (John D Remix)

As far as creating actual video goes, I really just do it for the band. I wish I could make like a whole movie out of that stuff, but I just don't know how and don't have the time. For those Alt-J remixes, I used this video synthesizer and sent it through to my TV, and photographed it through the TV so you could see all the scan lines. 041b061a72


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