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Download Monopoly GO! APK for iPhone and iPad: Build Your Empire in Minutes

Monopoly GO: A New Twist on a Classic Game

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world, with millions of fans who enjoy buying, selling, and trading properties. But what if you could play Monopoly on your phone, anytime and anywhere, with new features and modes that make it more fun and social? That's what Monopoly GO offers you!

Monopoly GO is a new mobile game for iOS and Android devices that lets you roll the dice and get rich in a virtual world. You can explore different boards themed after famous cities and locations, build houses and hotels on your properties, earn money from other players, and interact with your friends and family online. You can also participate in mini-games, tournaments, events, and collect stickers to complete albums and win prizes.

monopoly go ios apk

Download File:

Monopoly GO is free to download and play, but it also offers in-app purchases that can enhance your gaming experience. You can buy more coins, tokens, stickers, shields, heists, and other items that can help you progress faster or have more fun in the game. However, you don't need to spend any money to enjoy Monopoly GO.

How to Download and Install Monopoly GO on iOS Devices

Download from the App Store

The first step to play Monopoly GO is to download it from the App Store. You can search for "Monopoly GO" or use this link to go directly to the game page. The game requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The game size is about 300 MB.

Allow access to your device settings

After downloading the game, you need to allow it to access some of your device settings. For example, you need to enable notifications so that you can receive alerts about new events, rewards, messages, etc. You also need to allow access to your microphone if you want to use voice chat with other players. You can change these settings later in your device settings.

Launch the game and sign in with your account

Once you have installed the game, you can launch it by tapping on its icon on your home screen. You will see a loading screen with Mr. Monopoly welcoming you to the game. Then you will be asked to sign in with your account. You can use your Facebook account or create a new account with your email address. Signing in with an account will allow you to save your progress online and sync it across different devices.

How to How to Play Monopoly GO

Roll the dice and move around the board

The basic gameplay of Monopoly GO is similar to the original board game. You start with a certain amount of money and tokens, and you take turns rolling the dice and moving around the board. Depending on where you land, you can buy properties, pay rent, collect income, or face other consequences. You can also use special items like shields and heists to protect your properties or attack other players.

Collect properties and build houses and hotels

The main goal of Monopoly GO is to collect as many properties as possible and build houses and hotels on them. The more properties you own, the more money you can earn from other players who land on them. You can also increase the value of your properties by upgrading them with houses and hotels. However, you need to pay attention to your balance and avoid going bankrupt.

Earn money and interact with other players

As you play Monopoly GO, you can earn money from various sources, such as passing GO, collecting income, selling properties, winning mini-games, etc. You can use your money to buy more properties, items, stickers, or tokens. You can also interact with other players online by chatting, sending emojis, trading properties, or joining clubs. You can play with your friends or with random players from around the world.

Use chance cards and community chest events

Another way to spice up your game is to use chance cards and community chest events. These are random events that can happen when you land on certain spaces on the board. They can give you rewards or penalties, such as money, tokens, items, free properties, jail time, etc. Some of them are based on the original board game, while others are new and unique to Monopoly GO.

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Tips and Tricks for Monopoly GO

Save your shields for shutdown attacks

One of the new features of Monopoly GO is the shutdown attack. This is a heist card that allows you to shut down one of your opponent's properties for a few turns, preventing them from earning rent from it. This can be very useful if you want to stop someone from dominating the board or getting too rich. However, you can also use shields to protect your properties from shutdown attacks. Shields are items that you can buy or earn in the game. They last for a certain number of turns and block any heist cards that target your properties. Therefore, it is wise to save your shields for when someone tries to shut down your most valuable property.

Choose your heist cards wisely

Another tip for playing Monopoly GO is to choose your heist cards wisely. Heist cards are items that allow you to steal money or properties from other players. They come in different types and levels, such as pickpocket, robbery, burglary, etc. Each heist card has a success rate and a cooldown time. The higher the level of the heist card, the higher the success rate and the longer the cooldown time. Therefore, you need to consider when and how to use your heist cards effectively. For example, you might want to use a low-level heist card on a player who has a lot of money but few properties, or a high-level heist card on a player who has a monopoly on a color group.

Join tournaments and events for extra rewards

A third tip for playing Monopoly GO is to join tournaments and events for extra rewards. Tournaments are competitions that pit you against other players in a series of matches. You need to pay an entry fee to join a tournament, but you can win coins, tokens, stickers, or other prizes if you rank high enough. Events are special occasions that offer you bonus rewards or challenges for playing the game. For example, there might be an event that gives you double income for landing on certain spaces or an event that requires you to collect a specific set of stickers. You can check the game's news section or social media pages for updates on upcoming tournaments and events.

Collect and trade stickers with friends

The last tip for playing Monopoly GO is to collect and trade stickers with friends. Stickers are collectible items that depict various characters, items, locations, or scenes from the game. You can earn stickers by playing the game, opening chests, completing albums, or buying them with coins or tokens. You can also trade stickers with other players online or offline. Trading stickers can help you complete your albums faster and unlock more rewards. You can also use stickers to customize your profile picture or chat messages.

Pros and Cons of Monopoly GO





Mobile and accessible

You can play Monopoly GO anytime and anywhere on your iOS device

You can play Monopoly GO while waiting for the bus, during your lunch break, or before going to bed

Casual and social

You can play Monopoly GO with your friends and family online or offline, or with random players from around the world

You can invite your friends to join your club, chat with them, send them stickers, or trade properties with them

New features and modes

You can enjoy Monopoly GO with new elements that make it more fun and exciting, such


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