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This 5 Days Rwanda Bird Watching Safari takes you for a thrilling bird watching experience in the Akagera National Park, Nyabarongo & Bugesera. These are one of the preferred birding destinations in Rwanda. The strategic location of Rwanda in the Albertine Rift together with its scenic mountainous ranges create a unique and remarkable environment for the Eco-tourists to enjoy a bird watching tour in Rwanda. Enquire Now There are over 700 bird species once can encounter in the three national parks of Rwanda and other selected birding destinations. The country also supports the second highest number of Albertine Rift endemics than any other country on the African continent.

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Today we shall set off early in the morning for a bird watching experience in the wetlands of Nyabarongo and Nyarutama artificial lake. Dinner & Overnight at Serena Hotel (High end facility) , Chez Lando ( Midrange facility), Accord Hotel ( Budget hotel) Meal Plan (FB)

Wake up to have a morning breakfast and then set out to go for a game drive experience in the park. You will have a comprehensive of the Savannah plains of Akagera National park with sightings of the big five aminals (leopards, elephants, buffalo, black rhinos and the recently introduced lions) plus many other mammals such as the african zebras, antelopes, impalas, the Errands, baboons, to mention. you will exit the park via the north exit and drive heading back to Kigali for your final tour of the 5 Days Rwanda bird watching safari.

Since this is our last day, we shall have an early morning breakfast and then drive to Bugesera a bird watching haven located in just 45 km away from Kigali city (1 Hours Drive). Bugesera district is now home to over 600 bird species that can be watched from six birding sites, the main ones being Rumira, Kamatana and Mbuganzeri birding sites. Enroute our journey back to Kigali airport, we shall pay visit to the genocide memorial sites of Ntarama and Nyamata (This is optional) and eventually arrive at the airport for your flight departure plans. 041b061a72


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