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Download Incredibox New Version and Enjoy 8 Musical Atmospheres

Incredibox: How to Create Your Own Music with a Merry Crew of Beatboxers

Do you love music and want to create your own songs? Do you enjoy tinkering with sounds and experimenting with different styles? Do you want to have fun and learn something new at the same time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Incredibox, a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers.

What is Incredibox?

A fun, interactive music experience

Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. More than 70 million players worldwide have already enjoyed it.

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The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world.

A music app for all ages and platforms

Incredibox is available on computer, smartphone and tablet devices. You can try the free demo before downloading the paid app. The paid app gives you access to all current and future versions of Incredibox, including 8 impressive atmospheres and musical styles: V1 Alpha, V2 Little Miss, V3 Sunrise, V4 The Love, V5 Brazil, V6 Alive, V7 Jeevan, V8 Dystopia and V9 Wekiddy. You can also enjoy the app without any pop-up ads that kill your vibe.

Incredibox is compatible with iOS8 et iPad 3+, iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5+ on App Store, Android 5.1 Lollipop and more on Google Playstore, OSX 10.9 and higher on Mac App Store, Windows 10 on Microsoft Store, both Mac and Windows computer on Steam.

A music app for schools and education

Incredibox is not only a fun and creative way to make music, but also a great tool for learning and teaching. Incredibox introduces kids and adults to notions of rhythm and melody in double-quick time. It also helps them develop their musical ear, their sense of composition, their creativity and their imagination.

Incredibox is used by many teachers and schools all over the world as an educational tool allowing kids to discover the basics of musical creation. The app has been rewarded by the AASL (American Association of School Librarians) in the category of the Best Apps 2018 for Teaching & Learning. Plus, there is a Safe mode option in the app that can be enabled for kiddos.

How to create music with Incredibox?

Choose your musical style and atmosphere

The first step to create music with Incredibox is to choose your musical style among 8 impressive atmospheres. Each atmosphere has its own theme, color scheme, background image, characters design, musical genre and sounds. You can switch between atmospheres anytime by clicking on the menu icon on the top left corner.</p Drag and drop icons onto the avatars

The second step to create music with Incredibox is to drag and drop icons onto the avatars. Each icon represents a different sound or effect that will be added to your mix. There are 4 types of icons: beats, effects, melodies and voices. You can drag and drop up to 7 icons onto the avatars, and you can change them anytime by dragging another icon over them.

The avatars will start to beatbox according to the icons you have chosen. You can mute or unmute any avatar by clicking on it. You can also solo an avatar by double-clicking on it. This will allow you to hear only the sound of that avatar and adjust it accordingly.

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Find the right sound combos and unlock animated choruses

The third step to create music with Incredibox is to find the right sound combos and unlock animated choruses. Some combinations of icons will trigger a special animation called a chorus. A chorus is a short musical sequence that adds more depth and variety to your mix. There are 4 choruses per atmosphere, and each one has a different theme and style.

To unlock a chorus, you need to find the right combination of icons that matches the chorus. You can use the hints button on the top right corner to see which icons are needed for each chorus. Once you have unlocked a chorus, you can activate it anytime by clicking on it. The chorus will play over your mix and add some spice to it.

Save and share your mix with the world

The fourth step to create music with Incredibox is to save and share your mix with the world. Once you are happy with your mix, you can click on the record button on the top right corner to save it. You will be asked to give a name and a description to your mix, and then you can submit it to the Incredibox website.

Your mix will be available online for everyone to listen and vote. You can also share your mix on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. You can also download your mix as an MP3 file or as a video file.

Be a legend and join the Top 50 chart

The final step to create music with Incredibox is to be a legend and join the Top 50 chart. The Top 50 chart is a ranking of the best mixes created by Incredibox users from all over the world. The chart is updated every week based on the number of votes received by each mix.

If your mix is good enough, you might have a chance to enter the Top 50 chart and become famous among the Incredibox community. You can also listen to other people's mixes and vote for your favorites. You can also leave comments and feedbacks on other mixes and interact with other users.

What are the features and reviews of Incredibox?

A stunning design and animation

One of the features that makes Incredibox stand out is its stunning design and animation. The app has a sleek and minimalist interface that is easy to use and navigate. The app also has a colorful and vibrant graphics that create a lively and immersive atmosphere for each musical style. The app also has a smooth and fluid animation that shows the beatboxers moving and grooving to the music. The app also has a humorous and quirky touch that adds some fun and personality to the beatboxers.

A variety of musical genres and sounds

Another feature that makes Incredibox appealing is its variety of musical genres and sounds. The app offers 8 different musical styles that range from pop, rock, hip hop, electro, funk, jazz, reggae, to Indian music. Each style has its own unique sounds and effects that can be mixed and matched to create endless possibilities. The app also has a rich and diverse sound library that includes beats, effects, melodies, voices, choruses, and bonus tracks. The app also allows you to customize the pitch, volume, and speed of each sound.

A supportive community and fan base

A third feature that makes Incredibox attractive is its supportive community and fan base. The app has a website where you can listen to other users' mixes, vote for your favorites, leave comments and feedbacks, and interact with other music lovers. The app also has a social media presence where you can follow the latest news, updates, contests, and events. The app also has a fan art section where you can see amazing artworks created by fans inspired by Incredibox. The app also has a merchandise store where you can buy Incredibox t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, posters, mugs, and more.

A high rating and positive feedback from users and critics

A fourth feature that makes Incredibox impressive is its high rating and positive feedback from users and critics. The app has received over 70 million players worldwide and over 2,300 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. The app has also received many awards and recognitions from prestigious organizations such as the Webby Awards, the FWA Awards, the CSS Design Awards, the AASL Awards, and more. The app has also been featured in many media outlets such as BBC News, Wired Magazine, Vice Magazine, Mashable, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Engadget, and more.


In conclusion, Incredibox is a music app that lets you crea


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